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Yorkville High School Music Department - Weighted Grades Program


All Yorkville High School Music Students who enroll in a performing ensemble may elect to take the performance-based class for a weighted grade.  The weighted grade component for performance-based music courses challenges students to engage in collegiate level musicianship and critical thinking. Members are asked to be highly analytical about the quality of their music making and to work towards and surpass their obvious potential. Students electing this option demonstrate their own accelerated and in-depth study of music through music performances and academic projects. These students also regularly meet with an assigned music teacher.  Weighted grade music students often demonstrate significant personal growth and a high level of achievement.


Students electing to take performance-based music courses for a weighted grade are required to fulfill the regular curriculum for the ensemble they are in as well as the required components and 30 points per semester of the following elected components.


Performance-Base Course Regular Curriculum (40%)


Weighted Grade Required Components (40%):


  • Attend two Patron of the Arts events and turn in a written evaluation.  One of these events must be an upper-level performance (a collegiate, professional, or any performance approved by instructor).


  • Audition for IMEA District IX Honors Music Festival or comparable experience at the discretion of the director. This requires a pre-screening by music directors using the C.U.S.D. #115 performance rubric.  (1st Quarter)


  • Prepare and perform at Solo/Ensemble Contest (3rd Quarter)


Weighted Grade Elected Components (20%) – Must obtain 30 points per semester:


  • 30 points - Take regular private lessons with an approved instructor including a monthly progress report submitted to directors. A minimum of twelve 30-minute lessons should be achieved.  Students must also perform in an Flex Block recital or a jury for music faculty.


  • 20 points - Be selected for and participate in the IMEA All-State Music Festival.  A written reflective journal will be kept throughout the four-day experience.


  • 15 points - Participate and perform in any extra-curricular, director-led, school-ensemble.  Participation and performance will be evaluated.


  • 10 points - Maintain an active chamber ensemble to be evaluated using the chamber-ensemble evaluation tool.  This may include a Prism Concert performing group.


  • 5 points (participatory grade only) - Any outside school/music community service.  (Fox Valley Music Festival, NIBIG 12 Festival, IMEA District IX Festival, Performance on a student recital, perfect attendance at pep band, CYSO, EYSO, MYSO, etc.)





Weighted Grades Program Enrollment Form (Due the first full week of the semester)

Elected Component Plan Form (Due the first full week of the semester)

Private Lesson Evaluation Form (Due at the end of each month)

Patron of the Arts Writing Prompt (Due within two weeks of attending the event)

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