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YHS Practice-A-Thon Fundraiser

8:00 AM - 4:00 PM February 20th, 2023


Students are raising money for their musical tour to Orlando on March 23 – March 29, 2023. The Practice-A-Thon will provide students with an opportunity to obtain sponsors to donate money to help fund their travel. The Yorkville High School Music Department will be having a lock-in practice-a-thon from 8 AM - 4 PM February 20th. All students participating will be practicing a total of 8 hours throughout the evening. Any sponsor may choose to donate per–hour, or give a flat donation provided that the student’s 8 hour goal is met. Please bring the Donor Tally Form, your money, and all sponsor addresses the night of the event.

All Orlando trip participants are expected to attend the practice-a-thon as we will be having valuable practice time with our Disney performing ensembles.


Practice-a-thon Fundraiser Instructions

  1. Read Helpful Tips to Earning Practice Donations.

  2. Distribute donation letters via US Mail, e-mail, or social media to family and friends.   

  3. When you send donation letters, also provide the sponsors with a sponsor donation form (page 2 of donation letter) and give them an easy way to get it back to you (return envelope with postage paid).

  4. As you receive the sponsor donor forms back in the mail, record your donor’s on your Tally Sheet.  Don’t forget to record their address.  You will need that to send your tax-deductible thank-you letter which will be provided to you at the Practice-A-Thon

  5. At the Practice-A-Thon on February 20th, we will be sending the first part of the lock-in collecting money and having you fill out and send out thank you notes.

Donation Letter - PDF

Editable Donation Letter - Word File

Send this out via snail mail, email, or carrier pigeon to everyone you know who would

support you and your musical endeavors.

Donor Tally Sheet - PDF

Editable Donor Tally Sheet - Excel File

Collect donations via check, cash, venmo, or shake downs to turn in at the practice-a-thon on Feb. 20th

Thank You Letter - PDF

We will write these and mail them at the practice-a-thon!

Permission Slip for Lock-in

Practice-a-thon Schedule

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