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Yorkville Bands

Community Unit School District 115 - Yorkville - Illinois

Marching Foxes Percussion

Welcome to the Marching Foxes percussion page!


This is your resource for everything you need to know to be a part of the group.


Who can join?

Any percussionist enrolled in a band ensemble along with any orchestra or choir student can join the marching foxes percussion section.  A percussion background is not necessary.  You will learn to be a musician throughout the season!


When do we rehearse?

We rehearse Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays after school (and Fridays when we don’t have games) from 3-5pm. We have band camp the two weeks before school starts (but we don’t do anything over the summer)


When do we perform?

We perform at every home football game.  We also perform at 4-5 competitions a year which take place on the weekend.

How do auditions work?
We don’t do a traditional audition because we want every student to be able to perform.  We do “percussion placements”  every spring before the school year ends.  There are a lot of different percussion instruments in the ensemble (snare drum, marimba, tenor drum, vibraphone, bass drum, synthesizer, etc…) so during percussion placements we see what skill sets each student excels in, and try to place them in the appropriate spot.  We take into account not only student preference, but what is best for the performance group as well.  During this placement, we will play some of the music listed below, and may play things made up  on the spot.  Take a look at the video of our show to see all of the instruments included in the percussion section.


What do I need to bring to percussion placements?
You need to print off the music below and put it in a binder.  You should also bring sticks/mallets if you own them.  If you don’t we will have some for you to use.  



*CLICK HERE to access all of the music and audio recordings for percussion placements

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